Surly Big Dummy painted in Pink!

December 10, 2011

Ok after all this time I am finally getting to post the completion of the Pink Big Dummy. It's been a long time coming and now its here on the Ride Bicycles Blog, Madi Carlson's Surly Big Dummy custom painted in Pink built to carry her most important cargo, her kids as well as there "stuff". Not only is the paint custom, the whole bike is built custom around the idea of traveling with the kids safely while still able to carry extra cargo. We rebuilt the front wheel with a Alfine Dynamo hub to power front and rear full time lights. No more battery swaps for Madi. Also Madi requested a Linus font rack (painted pink of course) to be installed. Once again custom install was required to make this fit. We used Tubus fittings to attach it to the fork. The tires were swapped for a lighter yet more durable Japanese Panaracer T-Serv 26 x 1.75 inch tires. This makes the bike lighter where it counts, rotational weight. A Yepp kid seat custom bullhorn stoker bar and Pedal Lites pedals round out the build. Finally Colin brought over a custom Pink Rolling Jackass kickstand and stuck it on the bike.(Video below) This is one of the most fun bike we've worked on. What an awesome ride! It's not the only custom build we've done. We do them quite often as we aim to please our customers and give them the bike they desire. I just wanted to thank Madi for her patience while we got all this together though the process. She had her other Bianchi bike to ride with the kids while we were getting the Pink Surly Big Dummy all together. Congrats go out to Madi as she has been crowned the cyclist of the month by Cascade Bicycle. Also check out Madi's own blog post with more info on her New Pink Bike and other exploits. Also check out the Rolling Jackass Video below....