Knog Kabana Locks: Rubbery, Colorful, Secure-for a coffee stop, at least.

August 20, 2012

You've seen them around on occasion; brightly colored, rubber-covered cable locks attached to clean looking bikes being ridden by attractive people. You might be wondering how secure they are and if they are worth the moola to try it out? At $34.95, the Kabana is in the ball park of the Kryptonite cable locks and the ABS Chain locks. Knog gives it a Level 5 security rating which means that if you plan on running into the grocery store or the coffee shop, you should be secure. However, if you value your ride, do not rely on it to keep your bike safe for hours on end or over night. That said, it's a perfect lock to wrap around your frame and run errands. It won't rattle around, causing a big racket like other cable, chain or u-locks. And they come in a a vast array of colors. 

The cons:  

-not secure enough to leave out all day by it's self 

-can be a little bulky

-the rubber coating collects dust

The pros:



-easy to grab and go

-perfect for the coffee shop/grocery run