On The Road With Ride Bicycles: Las Vegas, NV - Interbike Part 1: XtraCycle

September 25, 2012

Last week we were in Las Vegas, Nevada exploring the very vast display that is Interbike. Electric bikes were tested, free samples were enjoyed and then it was time to get to business. We knew we would see some fresh innovations, but Xtracycle really went above and beyond in the cargo world. They call the 2013 line up "Cargo 2.0" and they are entirely right, it truly is the next level. Xtracycle's latest complete bike creation, the EdgeRunner, boasts a 20" rear wheel with optional electric assist in the hub. This means that the rear cargo area is actually quite a bit lower than before, making it easier for kids to climb on the back or load up what ever you are hauling. Also, because the wheel is so much smaller than virtually all the competition, it has much higher weight tolerances than larger sizes. The folks at Xtracycle also introduced their collaboration with folding bike gurus, Tern. It's the Cargo Joe. If you live or work in a small space but need the cargo capacity of a longtail, now you can just fold it up and stash it when you aren't riding. There were so many new gadgets to gander. A fold out rack option that is able to carry up to 500lbs, the much anticipated Hooptie (which is even cooler than expected. The sides come off and attach to the bottom for foot rests or a spot to drop a front wheel should you need to tow an extra bike.), a seat pad and stirrups for the child riding in front, updated side slings and an actual messenger-style, water proof bag with customizable color options. There was even a new option for those who would covert existing bikes into cargo bikes. The current option, the FreeRadical is excellent and extremely durable with it's truss design. The one common complaint is the tendency to be a bit flex-y. Xtracycle heard this critique and answered with the Leap. Available for 26" or 700c/29", the rack features a single arm with a direct point of contact making it much stiffer and a bit easier to maneuver. The bikes and the Leap do not currently have release dates or price info available. We will keep you updated as we find out. In the mean time, enjoy some photos!