Our cargo fleet has been growing!

December 05, 2012


It's been a few months since we've checked in with you on our newest cargo bike, Kinn's Cascade Flyer. This is our first "mid-tail" option and we couldn't be more pleased by this little champ! Light, compact and a bit easier to pilot than a long-tail, simply because of how much more stiff the short frame is. It handles like a regular bike.  Now that they have arrived safely from Portland, we've been having a blast trying them out. It's fully equipped with fenders, so even if it's raining, you can take it out on a test ride, too. You can read about all the details in our original post.

We're also excited to announce, we've gotten the Hooptie, one of Xtracycle's newest accessories and the Edgerunner, the cargo bike with the lower rear end for ease in loading. The smaller rear wheel also gives the bike an increased load-bearing threshold. The Edgerunner is now able to carry up to 500 lbs! Combine that with the  Hooptie's convertibility, from safety railing to foot rest, you can pick up your kids or pick up some friends and hit the town. Because of smaller-scale production and high demand, Xtracycle's is requiring a full deposit up front, on the Edgerunner,  in order to buy one; even from us. But don't let that stop you from taking advantage of the extreme hauling capacity found in all the Xtracycle bikes.