The Holidays are Here! (and so is cold & flu season)

December 21, 2012

As many of you have noticed, it's cold outside and the date indicates that we are now in late December. It must be winter. The winter season is most known for affecting people in two major ways: the advent of holidays and their subsequent gift giving traditions, and by festering sickness. We here at Ride Bicycles would like to purpose that bike riding, may be the solution to both of these occurrences. Giving bicycles to the children in your life, is a truly classic gift, and one we highly recommend. Consider them, also, for the grown-ups on your list. As an adult, like most things, you enjoy the activity on entirely new levels. You may find that the person you give a bike to, will suddenly be eating a lot at dinner after a ride; and everybody knows, nothing brings friends together like sharing a meal. You are giving them the gift of seeing the city and countryside in a whole new way. A way that they could never see it from inside an automobile or even on foot. But aside from strengthening your relationship over food and building up their connection to the world around them, you are also fortifying their immune system. Cycling is a low impact cardiovascular activity, excellent for those who have had injuries or health conditions that prohibit them from other forms of exercise, and those who hate running.  Over time, as your legs move in a repetitive, relatively circular, motion, your body releases dopamine into your nervous system which acts as a reward, encouraging you to ride more. Riding also provides the time to work through problems and challenges facing you in other parts of your life.  Being outdoors, in brisk conditions, gives your systems a necessary shock, a chance to wake up and kick into gear, which can help fight off all those pesky colds that never stop going around. It's easy to lose track of time on a nice long ride. The longer you are outside, the more chance you have of encountering that tiny and rare peek of sunshine. And let's face it, in the Northwest we don't get nearly enough of that sweet, sweet vitamin D that our bodies so desperately need to push away those internal clouds of depression, lethargy and anxiety. So give the person you love a bicycle this year, give yourself one, too, and give the gift of friendship, fun, health, social awareness, and mental stability!

Happy Holidays!


Ride Bicycles, Staff