BionX Electric Assist and Xtracycle Edgerunners at Ride Bicycles.

March 03, 2013

BionX is an electric bike system that will convert any bike to electric assist.  We have been installing them on several Xtracycle Edgerunners this year.  It features a regeneration system that allows you to recharge your battery while coasting downhill.  You still plug it in the wall too and it will charge right up but the charge lasts longer with the regen mode used while riding. 

These electric assist bikes feel like regular bikes but are much easier for long commutes and heavy loads.  We do have some Edgerunners in stock for folks to check out and order there own.  Please call ahead and confirm one is built before heading down from Canada for the day or wherever you are headed from.  The Xtracyclel Edgerunner is awesome with the 20 inch rear wheel keeping the center of gravity low on this class leading cargo bike.