Want to buy a 2014 Edgerunner? Here's how to secure yours!

June 24, 2013

Ride Bicycles Bike Shop is currently taking deposits on Xtracycle Edgerunners for September delivery.  Here's what you need to do to pre-order yours and guarantee you get one.
1.  Check out the Edgerunners and pick a style, size and color (27D-lux only comes in black). We have an Edgerunner for TEST RIDES, in store at Ride Bicycles Bike Shop. The Ride Bicycles staff can help you with this.  (206) 985-7433 info@ridebicycles.com
2.  Pick out the accessories you want with the bike. IE Hooptie, Kickback, Yepp kid seats and mini magic carpets.  The Ride Bicycles staff can help you with this. (206) 985-7433 info@ridebicycles.com
3.  Call or come by the shop, we will create an invoice for your new bike in our ordering system, once all the details are decided, simply put down a deposit (50% of total). 
4.  Decide if you would like to rent a Surly Big Dummy in the meantime so you can cargo bike this summer.  (limited quantities available)
5.  Come pick up your bike in September and pay the remaining balance due on Pickup. (Estimated Pickup with be Sept 10- 20th)
6. Enjoy Riding your new Cargo bike from Ride Bicycles and Xtracycle!