FAQ's About Xtracycle Pre-Order

June 26, 2013

These are the top frequently asked questions for Xtracycle, answered by Xtracycle, about the pre-order process. We hope they are helpful to you... we want to serve you as well as possible! 

Frequently asked questions about EdgeRunner pre-sale

• Why can’t I just buy the bike direct from Xtracycle?

We have enjoyed nearly a decade of shipping bikes direct to consumer, but as our sales have grown, as has our desire for you to have
the best quality product & service around. We rely on trusted, hard-working bike retailers to help us keep this commitment to you.

• If I’m not in a pre-ordering mood, will I be able to get a bike fall 2013?

We have a massive pre-order interest list. Our best guess is that there may be bikes on the last container, available for sale in
November/December 2013 that will not be pre-ordered. Hard to say for sure - we will provide updates to folks on our newsletter

• What if Xtracycle has pre-sold through the color/size/model I want on the September shipment?

We may be able to accomodate you on an October or November shipment, or you can switch to a color/size/model that’s available
for pre-order on the September shipment. We will work with your dealer get you the info you need to make a quick decision.

• Is this some sort of KickStarter project? Am I becoming an ‘investor’ in Xtracycle?

Nope. We‘ve already launched this product, in fact, this is the second generation of EdgeRunner, already in production. No surprises,
no lengthy investments, no clever appeal videos. This is simply a chance to reserve a bike in production, not fund our production

• What happens if I change my mind on color/size/model?

Please call your dealer right away. We will do everything we can to accomodate any changes.

• What if I need to cancel my pre-order altogether?

Please don’t pre-order if you’re not 100% sure you want the bike. We are reserving 100% of your bike for a modest 10% deposit, and
turning away other customers for that particular color/size/model. We will try to accomodate cancellations as they come up.