Brooks Cambium Series

July 05, 2013

It's finally here! We have been waiting since the beginning of time for this. In the not too distant past, there were not many decent options for those of us who would rather not sit on animal hide. But now, Brooks, the makers of The Investment Saddle for decades, has created the Cambium Series; the C17, C17S and the C15. The shape and quality of these saddles are all the same as their leather counterparts, but that is where the similarities end. The Cambium saddle is constructed of a base of vulcanized rubber, topped by organic cotton canvas that has been coated with a durability enhancing finish. This all rests on an aluminum structure and stainless steel rails. The Cambium C17 is ready to ride right out of the box, no break in time required. It is also naturally waterproof and 45g lighter than the B17 Standard. They are just about $70 dollars more than the leather edition, but that is a small price to pay for a lightweight saddle that you'll have for a lifetime, that you don't have to fuss with and that is cruelty free.