VeloCult: A Truly Portland Experience.

July 23, 2013

Over the weekend, we were in Portland, Oregon. Having never been into VeloCult, it was a priority to stop by. There wasn't much signage but there were plenty of bikes out front so it was fairly easy to locate. The atmosphere was pleasant, although not at all what was expected. You walk directly into the main cafe, with beer, wine, coffee and snacks, communal seating and a pull-down screen for movies and tour coverage. The retail space is in the back quarter of the shop, behind the screen. There is a mix of new and used bikes, and an assortment quality accessories. The Tour was showing at the time of our visit, so the staff was a distracted and we were allowed to peruse in peace. All in all it was an agreeable experience. If you are in Portland, go check it out!