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Busch & Muller Busch & Muller Secula Plus
The Secula Plus lights use B+M's "Linetec" technology in the lens for a very bright and broad light with a large reflector. Secula Plus lights will work with any B+M or Schmidt LED headlight. They use .6 Watts, requiring the Lumotec headlight to use a 2.4 Watt bulb if paired with a halogen headlight. Two strand wiring with connectors to the headlight is included. Seatpost or Seat stay mounted. Dynamo Powered!
Busch & Muller Toplight Line Senso
The Toplight Line Senso, offers LineTec lens technology & Senso function. LineTec enables other traffic participants to better estimate the distance to the bicycle. The Toplight Line Senso offers a 320 degree visibility due to its special lens system. The Senso function activates the light and motion sensors in the taillight. When the bike is moving and it’s dark, the light is automatically switched “On”. When you stop, the light stays on for a few minutes, and as long as you don’t move again, it switches off and stays off. The 50mm mounting studs integrate well with Tubus and Racktime racks. It’s extremely light and flat, battery powered.
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