Knog Blinder 1 Standard USB Rechargeable Headlight and Taillight Twin Pack: Red and White LED~ Black Body


Packed with a very bright LED bulb, the Knog Blinder 1 can be seen for over 500 meters.

  • ⋅ Water resistant, durable silicone body easily fits 22 - 32mm seatposts and handlebars
  • ⋅ To turn the light on and off, it requires a one second press-and-hold
  • ⋅ Easy to use tactile buttons allow for quick adjustments on the fly
  • ⋅ Optimized optics direct the light and focuses the ray for a brighter and more powerful beam pattern
  • ⋅ USB-rechargeable with a 5-hour charge time
  • ⋅ Run time on steady mode is about two hours and on flash mode is about 11 hours
  • ⋅ White LED Output: 20 Lumens
  • ⋅ Red LED Output: 11 Lumens


    • Battery: Rechargeable
    • Lumens Front: 200
    • Lumens Rear: 70
    • Recharge Type: USB
    • Weight: 30 g